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As much as I love getting gifts, I've decided that I should ask for something that will make a greater contribution to the world. Rather than traditional gifts, I'm asking people to buy charitable gifts from this site. They all specify what the money will be spent on, so they feel like real gifts rather than just a donation to a charity. The greeting cards also look really cool, so you actually get something physical to show off, rather than just a letter.

Giving to charity instead of buying a gift is such a great idea, I really hope it takes off! Please create your own wish-list so that people can donate to causes you care about for your next occasion! There's a huge number of gifts, so you'll definitely find something you care about!

Favorite gifts:


Defenders of Wildlife is striving to protect the northernmost jaguar population in Sonora, Mexico. We are working to secure migratory routes from northern Mexico to the southwest U.S. and to protect suitable habitat in Arizona and New Mexico. We are building support among local ranchers and property owners to pave the way for a harmonious sharing of the land with jaguars. Just as important, we are spearheading efforts in Congress to create permanent funding to conserve the jaguar and other big cats around the world. Your gift to Adopt A Jaguar will help Defenders save jaguars and other imperiled wildlife.

Save a Life - One month of care

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Inc.


Your gift will provide one sick or injured wild animal with a complete physical exam, medication, enrichment and food for an entire month.

This gift will provide food, shelter and medicine to many animals. Some of the animals were provide care for are elephants, tigers, lemurs, and birds.


Your gift will provide funding for books, fuel and other necessary supplies that keep this project going. The Kouprey Express spends much of its time working in communities that are adjacent to national parks, protected forests, and other key centers for wildlife and biodiversity. There, communities are highly dependent on the environment, which provides much of their food, water, shelter, and traditional medicine. Because these communities are so reliant on natural resources, it is vital that Wildlife Alliance help them to live sustainably alongside their forests, water supplies and wildlife.

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