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This is a sample page. Please see this presentation of the opportunity for celebrities and influencers to encourage fans to join them in supporting the nonprofits that are battling the pandemic].

A Note from Patsy About this Gift

Hello everybody!

I have something exciting to share during this challenging time.

Our doctors and nurses, along with others in essential jobs, are so heroic! However, most of us find that there is little that we can do beyond washing our hands, staying home, and wearing masks when we venture out.

Our Birthdays Can Save the Day

So here is what I found: a way for our birthdays to provide funds to research cures for this disease, care for the sick, feed the hungry, and do so much more.

This nonprofit website,, lets you show your love by giving a meaningful charitable donation to any nonprofit battling COVID-19 (or any cause, really), and you can do it in a friend's name instead of buying yet another traditional present.

Specific charitable gifts (fund 100 meals through a food bank, provide masks for nurses, etc.) make it rewarding. Peronalized printed greeting cards make it memorable. Gift cards let your friends choose what they want to support.

Nearly a million of us Americans have a birthday every day. Think how much money we are spending on all those sweaters, neckties, and other presents! This year, let's all do something more meaningful.

Do you have a birthday coming up? Create a charitable wish list on this site. Then add this gift to support research at Vanderbilt Medical Center (or any COVID-19 or other gift you like). Share it with friends and family so they know that you would welcome a meaningful donation instead of more stuff.

Looking to give a great birthday present? Do something important. Give this charitable gift (or any charitable gift on this site) as a donation in your friend's name instead of shopping for merchandise.

No birthdays on the horizon? Join me in giving, just to make a difference. Donate whatever you can. Maybe the amount you would normally spend on a pair of movie tickets (may as well, the theaters are closed), the cost of a cute outfit (yep, the stores are closed, too), or the cost of a nice restaurant dinner (yep, closed). Whatever you can do. Every bit helps.

Join Me as a Fundraiser! Create a charitable registry, then add this gift, and share it with others. You can see how much money you have raised. I will thank the top 100 fundraisers by mailing you a personal thank-you note and recognizing you on my website.

About this Gift

A friend has been doing research at Vanderbilt Medical Center for many years. He told me that they are working hard and making exciting progress towards finding a cure for the coronavirus. That is great news, and I wanted so much to help, so I donated $1 million to help find the cure. Please join me in this mission.

Please Share this Page

By the way, please, please, please share this page! If you tell 100 friends and family members to do this, eight of them will probably have a birthday in the next month, and even more will be shopping for presents. So let's spread the word!

You and me and all of us--let's do this together. And let's make it go viral to save lives from this virus.