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Coral Reef Adoption

Rescue the Reef

The Nature Conservancy

Regular price $50.00

Your loved one will be proud to know that their gift is ensuring some of the most extraordinarily diverse, yet highly threatened places, will be protected for years and years to come.

Save A Sea Turtle

Beach conservation

Defenders of Wildlife

Regular price $35.00

Your donation will help us work with our conservation partners to protect coastal beaches used by sea turtles as nesting sanctuaries, educate coastal home and hotel owners on how bright lights interrupt turtle nesting, as well as work to prevent international fishing conglomerates from dismantling laws that protect sea turtles from harmful fishing practices. Your gift will help Defenders save sea turtles and other imperiled...

Coral saving mooring buoy

Coral Reef Alliance

Regular price $0.00

This gift pays for the installation and maintenance of one mooring buoy for 5 years. Mooring buoys provide an alternative way to moor a boat over a coral reef without causing damage to corals by dropping anchor.

Help Salmon Thrive!

Ocean Blue Project

Regular price $0.00

Your contribution will help communities achieve clean streams and bring us one step closer to planting 1 million native trees for streams by 2025. Enhancing urban streams filter water if an abundance of flora and fauna is thriving. Native plants and trees not only filter, but provide stream canopy that allows for a consistent water temperature where threatened and endangered native salmon can better survive....

Monitor coastal pollution

Coral Reef Alliance

Regular price $0.00

Understanding the water quality enables us to better address the source of water pollution and implement appropriate solutions to help corals thrive. This gift will provide funds for one month of water quality monitoring in sensitive marine areas.

Whale Adoption

Ocean Alliance

Regular price $0.00

Your gift of a whale adoption will enable Ocean Alliance to continue its important work protecting whales and their environment. At a time when the ocean is changing so rapidly, whales and the animals in them need more help than ever.

Regular price $0.00

This gift covers one day of fuel for a patrol boat for Roatan Marine Park in Honduras. Patrol boats are operated in partnership with the Honduran Navy and used to monitor protected areas. They confiscate illegal gear such as nets or spears used to catch turtles and arrest people who are involved with illegal development like mangrove cutting.

Test Water

4 water testing kits

Surfrider Foundation

Regular price $28.00

Determine the source of polluted water! Typically, a storm drain carries polluted street run-off from multiple sources. Occasionally though, it may be connected to a toilet or septic tank from a beach house,or perhaps an industrial waste discharge outfall. It is critical to determine the upstream source of any pipe that empties at your beach. This will help you figure out how to reduce or...

Protect Coasts

One water test

Surfrider Foundation

Regular price $5.00

Our trained volunteers conduct water testings throughout all coastal states of the US. The materials to conduct these tests cost $5. Within their local Surfrider Foundation chapters they can use the knowledge and fight the sources of pollution, to benefit the health of our oceans, waves and beaches!


Sea Hare Care

Heal the Bay

Regular price $50.00

Make an important contribution and a special connection with the animals at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium by joining the Aquadoption program. Your Aquadoption will help pay for the feeding and care of an animal on exhibit at the Aquarium, as well as make a statement of commitment to keeping the Santa Monica Bay and its animals healthy and safe.