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Sea Hare Care

Heal the Bay

Regular price $50.00

Make an important contribution and a special connection with the animals at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium by joining the Aquadoption program. Your Aquadoption will help pay for the feeding and care of an animal on exhibit at the Aquarium, as well as make a statement of commitment to keeping the Santa Monica Bay and its animals healthy and safe.

American Gothic

1 pitchfork

New York Cares Inc

Regular price $10.00

Give a pitchfork to help volunteers spread mulch, which provides nutrients for plants and trees.

Aid Communities

One climate intern

Clean Air Cool Planet

Regular price $1,500.00

Give a cash-strapped community a person whose work could save millions in energy costs – and dramatically reduce the threat of global warming at the same time. Your $1500 gift allows Clean Air–Cool Planet to help place, supervise and support community interns to: create or update a community’s greenhouse gas inventory; create a local Climate Action Plan; develop pilot projects to reduce community global warming...

Regular price $50.00

Mighty lions … graceful sea turtles … magnificent jaguars … poison-dart frogs … red-cockaded woodpeckers … gopher tortoises … a dizzying array of plants and wildlife … when you Adopt an Acre, you are helping to protect the lands and waters these wondrous creatures need to survive – including us!

Adopt A Tiger

Stop illegal poaching

Defenders of Wildlife

Regular price $50.00

Your gift to Adopt A Tiger today will help to battle the many threats -- including illegal logging and poaching -- to tigers and other endangered wildlife around the world.

Adopt A Lynx

Wildlife protection

National Wildlife Federation

Regular price $30.00

Please help us STOP THIS ATTACK on America’s magnificent wildlife! \ Your $30 symbolic lynx adoption will help NWF: Fight to prevent the Endangered Species Act from being gutted. Conserve the few remaining big cat habitats in the U.S. Publicize the plight of the lynx and other imperiled wildlife. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for the Canada lynx and other imperiled wildlife teetering...

Adopt A Land Cruiser

Expedition for 8

The School for Field Studies

Regular price $100.00

Research teams at the SFS Center for Wildlife Management Studies must travel to the heart of the bush and into national parks throughout Kenya to conduct game counts, meet with Maasai leaders, interview park rangers, conduct elephant research and assess the impact of tourism, among many other field-based activities. The nature of these roads requires the use of four wheel drive vehicles, in our case,...