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We Offer Great Internships!

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Internship Opportunities at Changing The Present

Our nonprofit offers exciting virtual internships for high-achieving students, graduates, and professionals. You can:

    • use your skills
    • gain experience
    • develop new skills
    • make a positive difference in the world
    • enhance your resume with a record of achievment and service at a prestigious organization.


More Benefits for International Students & Graduates

    • International students can gain an important American work credential, which will help when applying for jobs.
    • Graduates on first-year OPT can use this internship to stop the unemployment clock. (Unpaid internships are not eligible for STEM extension)


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How to Apply

We are automating our HR processes to save us time and to serve you better. To apply, you must submit the form below, even if you previously applied via email, Handshake, Linkedin, or otherwise. We will get back to you within a coupe of days.