Reviews from Interns and Volunteers at Changing The Present

Yes, we want your help. We are also dedicated to making sure that you have a great experience. These are the ways we want you--and every intern and volunteer--to benefit:

  • Make a big impact in the world as you focus on your favorite causes.
  • Use your skills, experience, knowledge, intelligence, creativity and talent.
  • Assume responsibility and take a leadership role.
  • Learn a tremendous amount.
  • Work with people from around the world and have a great time.
  • Enhance your resume with a record of achievement and community service.


Please see what some of our wonderful interns and volunteers say about their experience here:


Sarah Ramirez

Fordham University

Global Business; Marketing & Consumer Insights

Class of 2020


Favorite Causes: LGBTQ+, Marine Environment, Women and Girls

"I am enjoying my internship at Changing The Present! I am working on LGBTQ+ outreach and I get to spend my time researching interesting LGBTQ+ organizations. I am learning new skills every day--from Highrise to computer shortcuts--and I get to see firsthand how a nonprofit works. It feels good to work for a purpose and to be able to help make the world a better place. I have the opportunity to pursue my own leads and make creative decisions. I am also enjoying working alongside people from different countries and learning about their lives. Changing The Present is an open atmosphere and a great place to grow."

Katie Moore

Web Developer


Favorite Causes: Criminal Justice, Women and Girls, Alzheimer's, Homelessness

"I've been volunteering with Changing The Present since March 2017 when I had left college and felt a bit adrift in my own life. Knowing that the work I was doing had a social impact gave me the purpose and motivation I was lacking at the time. Furthermore, working in a team with other people of all ages and backgrounds gave me a real sense of community. It is the passion, creativity and talent of this team that has kept me contributing in any way that I can despite moving countries and changing careers. It is actually the invaluable skills I gained at Changing the Present that led to this career change. Unlike many internships, I was trusted to take on meaningful tasks that I had no prior experience in. As a result, I taught myself the basics of web development which has since blossomed into a full time job as a front end engineer in London. I really can't thank Robert (co-founder) and everyone else that contributes to the wonderful culture at Changing The Present enough!"

Neli Llangari

Baruch College

Corporate Communication

Class of 2019


Favorite Causes: Adult Education, Human Services, Latino Services

"I have been a volunteer at Changing The Present since early Feb. 2019 as a Human Resources Coordinator. I've been passionate about non-profits and their drive to create an impact on a mass scale. CtP allows individuals to give a meaningful gift. I am responsible in identifying passionate and determined people who would also like to create an impact for the greater good. Monetary donations allow non-profits to continue to provide services; however, getting involved with these organizations directly facilitates a different type of value. The overall team and ambiance is unique and forthcoming. I've learned to form personal and genuine connections with individuals more quickly. This helps improve conversation skills which teaches you how to handle new situations. Team engagement is greatly shown through our projects and our initiatives for this organization. Being here has exercised all of my skill sets and helped me to develop new ones! Don’t limit yourself, you’ll be surprised as to how far you can go."

Anil Aydin

New School


Class of 2016


Favorite Causes: Freedom, Free Education

"Changing The Present is a great place to intern at as the company structure is designed to give interns freedom to work on their favorite causes and take initiative while doing so. Co-founder Robert Tolmach, who is the immediate manager of many of the new interns, is a great individual with a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge to guide interns and support them in learning valuable lessons throughout their internships at Changing The Present. I highly recommend Changing The Present for not only students and fresh graduates but for everyone who is willing to make a change in the world, and have the experience of working in an office with friendly people from all sorts of educational backgrounds and cultures."

Christine Schwartz

Fordham University

Global Business; Healthcare Management

Class of 2020


Favorite Causes: Alzheimer's Research, Women's Rights, Climate Change

"When I starting looking for an internship this summer, I could only imagine the organization I wanted to work in. I knew I needed to work somewhere with a socially conscious mission that aligned with my values. I looked for an environment that promoted learning and encouraged me to ask questions. I searched for a place that would allow me to work on projects I'm passionate about. And, of course, I needed to find an organization that would give me insight into the industries I want to build a career in. That organization was Changing The Present. Since I've been here, I have learned so much about not just the nonprofit industry, but also about how the larger business world functions. I have used my skills to increase traffic to the site and thus boost funding to causes I care about. I have shared my ideas and opinions openly and have always received respect in return. I feel incredibly lucky to have been given this opportunity to work within such a revolutionary organization."

Adelaide Lobenenthal

The Beacon School

Class of 2020

Favorite Cause: Bullying

"Interning at Changing The Present has been immensely satisfying. I have developed communication and problem solving skills. I have also learned about the world of fundraising and nonprofit organizations. I have really loved being able to contribute meaningfully to the development of the CtP High school network."

Jessica Chen

Queens College

International Business and Economics

Class of 2018


"I learned a great deal when I interned at Changing The Present. I updated spreadsheets and databases of information to be put into the website. I implemented HTML5, CSS and Liquid(Shopify) to improve and update organization websites. I also helped design and modify banners on InDesign and Photoshop, tailoring to specific organizations. It was a great learning experience and I also met a lot of amazing people from all around the world. I've learned skills that helped me a lot with what I want to do. I also learned to work in a team setting as well as individually. I've enjoyed my time at changing the present and would highly recommend others to intern here."

Matthew Worswick

Philosophy and Theology

Class of 2018


Favorite Causes: Education, Homelessness, LGBTQ+

"Interning at Changing The Present was fantastic as it gave me the opportunity to develop useful skills whilst making a difference in the world. In particular, I was pleased to have the opportunity to make use of my creative writing abilities, as I consider this to be one of my strongest skills. Working with people from around the world helped me to develop my communication skills, especially verbal communication. I had to explain things to people for whom English is a second language, so I learned to express myself far more clearly than I could previously. One of the best things about the internship was the ability to learn. If a task needed doing which I was unsure of how to complete, Robert took the time to explain it to me, rather than simply giving it to someone who could already do it. He also offered me advice on topics such as interview preparation, which I found extremely useful. Overall, I benefited greatly from interning at CtP and would definitely recommend it."

Isha Agarwal

Horace Mann School

Class of 2020


Favorite Causes: Climate Change, Education, Women's Health, Human Rights

"When I walked in the Changing The Present office on my first day, I was nervous. There are numerous internships for high school students in which kids are only allowed to fetch coffee or use the copy machine. However, my experience at CtP was nothing like the stereotypical intern experience. Even within the first minute I was there, I met other interns from around the country and even the world. I was able to focus on causes that I was passionate about and when collaborating with other interns, I felt like I was making a real change in the world, no matter how small. CtP allowed each intern to pursue their own interests, and each of these separate projects allowed interns to collaborate and meet new people, learn new things and skills, and use creativity and knowledge. Throughout my time at CtP, I worked alone with my own responsibilities as well as with another team of interns. With an organization like CtP, I feel motivated to help change the world and I learned about social change."

Kenny Sanchez

New York City College of Technology

Communication Design

Class of 2019


Favorite Cause: Banners for Change

"Really nice place. The best thing to do is to get to know everyone because you never know what interesting things they are committed to, and where they're from is really diverse."

Jessica Schips

SUNY Geneseo (US) & Leeds Beckett University (UK)

Psychology and Project Management

Class of 2018


Favorite Causes: Hunger, Education, Health, Environment

"Changing The Present is a great organization, pushing the boundaries for non-profits in every sector. Interning at Changing The Present was a unique, challenging and fulfilling experience; the opportunity to pursue a particular topic of interest encouraged me to keep trying to make a difference. I met co-interns that I continue to be in touch with today, and learned things that will be useful for my entire career/life. CtP is a great place to intern!"

Nia Gibson

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Fraud Examination & Financial Forensics

Class of 2020


Favorite Causes: Changing the Present, SPCA, Habitat for Humanity, and Cancer Research Institute

"I began working at the nonprofit organization Changing The Present in January 2019. Changing The Present has such a strong passion to help causes that are in need. I have always wanted to experience working with a nonprofit because it is such a selfless organization. Their number one goal is to help people any way they can and build their team with individuals that have the same ambition. Changing The Present is filled with interns all around the world that have wonderful attitudes which creates a welcoming atmosphere. I am able to make connections with individuals that are driven and talented. I have gained so much experience in the nonprofit world in such a short amount of time. I have learned to use my skills in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to help spread the message and bring awareness to causes that need our help. This organization is like a family and we all contribute to the goal of making the world a better place."

Peter Nolan

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Computer Science

Class of 2019


Favorite Causes: Sustainability, Water Conservation

"Working at Changing The Present provided me with invaluable experiences. The projects I was assigned allowed me to develop new technical skills and enhance my problem-solving abilities, while also teaching me about working in a professional environment. Working on my own projects taught me to take responsibility for my own actions, and to learn how to adapt quickly to new situations or task requirements so that I could deliver effective solutions. Away from my specific project work, I was able to meet numerous people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Changing The Present attracts people from around the world. I enjoyed talking to the people that I worked with and learning more about what inspired them. All In all, I greatly enjoyed my time at Changing The Present, and I firmly believe that my experience has better prepared me for my future."

Yuqian Lui

Baruch College

Data Analytics

Class of 2018


"At Changing The Present I can use my own initiatives to learn, work and make friends. Everyone in the office is nice and willing to help. I enjoyed the time working with Robert and other colleagues."

Linrui He

Zhejiang University



Favorite Cause: Mental Health

"Changing The Present uses a special way to encourage people to help others in need and I am really impressed by the idea of creating a community which connects people from the same group together. Working in CtP gives me a chance to challenge myself, which is really an exciting experience for me, especially when I get to use BUBBLE when I update a website. Many thanks to Robert! He is my teacher and friend who taught me a lot."

Hye Rin Kim

Sangmyung University

Bio Science

Class of 2020

South Korea


"There are lots of so nice people and I felt various cultures.
Also, I held my work in high esteem, because I knew my work can help many people. In addition, I learned about New York's mood and I made some friends here. They made me feel so comfortable. I am very satisfied with interning at Changing The Present."

Dawei Zhang

Emory University

Applied Mathematics

Class of 2018


Favorite Causes: Art, Children and Youth, Education, Technology

"The internship experience at Changing The Present was awesome and unforgettable. During the three-month internship, I not only gained a better understanding of charity work, but attained professional knowledge and skills when working with so many talented and helpful colleagues as well. Actually, working at Changing The Present brought me a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment because I was helping others and trying to make our world a better place. Thanks to the internship experience at Changing The Present, I am able to focus more on charity work, especially in China, and I will continue to engage in volunteer work."

Daniah Chowdhury

Brooklyn Technical High School

Class of 2019


Favorite Cause: Cancer

"I enjoyed working at Changing The Present as I was able to work on my own and with others and not simply getting coffee for a higher-up. I had the chance to learn a form of independence and teamwork here, two important things needed for life. The many people I met were only one of the many things I've enjoyed from working here!"

Nicole Losi

United Nations International School

Class of 2020

Italy, England

Favorite Causes: Animal Rights, Climate Change

"I have had a great experience interning at Changing The Present for the past three years. This non-profit benefits great causes all around the world, changing a great amount of lives. For the past three years I have had the privilege of working alongside people who have a passion for bettering the world and since then I have become more aware of daunting global issues which need change. Working alongside people from all over the world is an extraordinary experience which allows for great discussion in the workplace due to each person's different opinions and experiences regarding world issues. Working at Changing The Present has allowed me to grow both as a student and as a person, improving my organizational and collaborative skills. Overall it has been a fantastic experience and has had a highly positive impact on my life."

Faiz Rahman

Baruch College


Class of 2021


"Interning at Changing The Present was a great opportunity for me to learn and grow as a person. Through this internship, I had the chance to work with Robert Tolmach and other interns. It helped develop my professional career because I gained so many skills that are applicable in any work environment. I also had the chance to take more responsibility and had a lot of ownership of my own projects. The work environment is great because everyone is willing to help you at any given time. Robert makes himself very accessible for us to ask him questions or even have a friendly conversation with him. He really cares about the work we do and how it will help us in the future. Also, it is always great to give back to your community. This internship allows us to do that and also gives us the chance to explore our own causes that we are passionate about."

Syed Ali Murtaza

Stony Brook University

Applied Mathematics; Statistics & Economics

Class of 2020


Favorite Cause: Cancer

"Being an intern at Changing The Present was a great experience. I was met with a team that focused on communicating goals with one another frequently and worked on many roles while at Changing The Present. What I loved most was the autonomy interns were given on completing their tasks. I spent many hours learning about different non-profit organizations that could serve as help towards the given cause I was working on. It is a great feeling to do an internship and to know that the work being done will help not only the CtP team, but the world."

Cynthia Billovits

Our Lady of Mercy Academy

Future Business Major

Class of 2019


Favorite Causes: Animals, Cancer

"Interning for Changing the Present was an incredibly positive experience. I gained invaluable information and experience that will help me in any future career. One of the best parts of interning was the actual work. We were given as much work as we could handle, so for someone as motivated as myself, I was able to fully immerse myself. I began managing interns and learned so many different skills. Not only that, but being immersed in a community with different people from numerous countries allowed for diversity within our teams. When I first applied, I hoped to focus on marketing, but I tested out numerous different fields like human resources and researching as well to fully decide what I want to pursue as a career. As I apply for college and jobs, I am taken more seriously because I have completed an internship at such a wonderful place. Interning at a Changing The Present was a life-changing experience that I carry into my daily life."

Justin Rockitter

Binghamton University


Class of 2019

Favorite Causes: Pancreatic Cancer Research, Mental Health Awareness

It has been very inspiring to see all the great work everyone at Changing the Present is doing. It is an extremely driven, hard working group of people, and Robert is very approachable and passionate about the cause. My favorite part of my internship was that I was able to customize my internship experience to fit what I am passionate about.

Sabeena Mohamed

Marne la Vallée University

Foreign Applied Languages English/German

Class of 2016


Favorite Causes: Educate Young Girls, Water for Life, Feed a Family, Educate a Child, Adapt Healthcare

"My internship at Changing the Present was one of the best experiences in my student life. Besides living in one of the greatest cities in the world, I had the opportunity to learn and apply my skills in a great environment of young students from all around the world. Robert was very helpful and here to help anyone, he is very present for his interns."

Chuhan Huang


Class of 2011


"Changing The Present provides us a good opportunity to meet people from all over the word, and actually the co-founder who is sitting with us everyday always says that CtP is like a mini United Nations! You can take leadership in the area you are interested in, or focus on causes that you didn't know well but would like to learn, or just pick up a project which best fits to your background. CtP is a place full of chances and challenges, everything is up to you to decide and perform. The only keyword I would like to highlight is communication: talk to the co-founder, talk to people who sit around you, let’s learn not only from the assignments but also from those amazing co-workers around us."

Ilyssa Guerra

CUNY School of Professional Studies


Class of 2020


Favorite Causes: Women, Disabilities, Latinos, Health

"I love interning at Changing The Present! I have focused on women’s issues. Much of this focus has been on sexual and domestic abuse. I have met fellow interns and volunteers from a slew of countries. I have never worked with such a diverse group of people. This diversity helps to broaden my perspective. I am comfortable asking others here for their opinions and advice. I have never felt I do not have the support of others.This helps in my communications and interpersonal skills of interacting with people of all backgrounds. I am able to express myself and never feel that my opinions are invalidated. I am doing work that I am genuinely interested in. In the future, I hope to become a psychotherapist that engages in feminist and multicultural psychology. This internship is providing me with great preparation for that career. There has never been any work that I felt was invaluable. I have witnessed firsthand the work Changing the Present is doing and strives to do."

Leda Botton

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano

Literature & Philosophy

Class of 2019


Favorite Causes: Animals, Environment, Art & Culture

"I will never forget the time I spent as an intern at Changing The Present.
Here I found a great place where I had the opportunity to meet people from around the world. All the volunteers were working for the causes they most care about. Everyone was working with passion and was conscious of making a positive social impact. My role at Changing The Present was to work on the design and content of the website. The purpose of the organization is to encourage people to use their money for unforgettable charitable gifts. I really appreciate this opportunity and really suggest to everybody."

Gladys Chu

Hult International Business School


Class of 2018


Favorite Causes: Educate Young Girls, Water for Life, Help Another Woman with a Suit

"Interning at Changing The Present is gratifying because you get to contribute and help not just one but a lot of non-profits that need assistance."

Kaiying Mo

Columbia University


Class of 2019


"Great place to connect with people and help others!"