"an Amazon.com of the nonprofit world"  

"an Amazon.com of the nonprofit world"

Give a Meaningful Gift

More and more people make meaningful donations in their friends’ name. We make it easy and rewarding with thousands of gifts from hundreds of nonprofits.

Beautiful Cards Show Your Love

When you donate in a friend’s name, you can personalize a beautiful greeting card to make the gift even more rewarding and special.

Create a Charitable Wish List

Create a charitable wish list to show people what you care about, and encourage them to make a meaningful donation instead of just shopping.

Charitable Registries & Favors

Charitable wedding registries and wedding favors make your special day even more meaningful. Let your friends join you in making a difference.

See Our Videos

Strawberry Frog, the international award-winning agency, generously created these television spots. Break out the popcorn!

Meaningful Corporate Gifts

Give corporate gifts that employees and customers will really appreciate. Charitable gift cards let them support what they most care about.

Schools and Teachers

Now, you can give charitable donations to support any school or teacher in the country, as well as any favorite nonprofit. Give it as a present.

New Funds for Nonprofits

A few nonprofits capture some of the $450 billion Americans spend each year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents. Now, yours can, too.

Join the Movement

Imagine the impact as more and more people discover this more meaningful type of giving. Please spread the word to make a difference.