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Sahil Zaman

I am a student at Boston University



Please see my charitable wish list for my birthday (08/27/2000) and holidays.

I hope you create a charitable wish list or registry, too.



About Me

I am a finance and accounting student at the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. Aside from being a full-time student, I have many hobbies, such as sports, hiking and supporting causes such as hunger and education.


My Academics

I am a finance and accounting major at Boston University. I am currently going to enter my second year of college.


My Extracurricular Activities

I am in the BU Financial Modelling Club where we learn technical finance concepts as well as learning how to make financial models.


My Sports Activities

I am not in any sports teams, but my hobbies include playing soccer and basketball mostly. I am a big fan of these two sprots.


Honors and Awards

I was named on the BU Dean's list for my first year in college for my outstanding academic achievements.


What I am Doing for a Better World

My Favorite Causes



My Lifestyle

I donate my old clothes and textbooks to non profits who send them to the needy.


My Volunteering and Community Service

As far as volunteering and community service goes, I was in the Bronx High School of Science Key Club and I have also volunteered at New York/Presbytarian Hospital.


My Charitable Wish List on Changing The Present

I love the idea of people donating instead of buying unwanted presents. It is a much more meaningful way to show your love. Please see my charitable wish list, and please create your own.



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