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Jamie Zuckerman

I am a student at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor



Please see my charitable wish list for my birthday and holidays.

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About Me

I hail from Great Neck, New York and I have three younger brothers. I love volunteering, traveling and hanging with my friends.


My Academics

I am a student at the University of Michigan and I am interested in studying Psychology and Information Science.


My Extracurricular Activities

I am an active member of Sigma Delta Tau sorority for women. I am on the sales committee for Go Blue, Wear Pink, which is a club that raises money and awareness for breast cancer research. I am also the president of the Jewish Heritage Program, which aims to create a tight-knit Jewish community on campus.


What I am Doing for a Better World

My Favorite Causes

Children and Youth
Early Childhood Edu
K-12 Education
Medical Research
Medical Care


My Volunteering and Community Service

I spent three years volunteering at Cohen's Children's Hospital, which taught me that giving back is what fuels a great society. I also volunteered at a children's foster home and a center for disabled children.


My Charitable Wish List on Changing The Present

I love the idea of people donating instead of buying unwanted presents. It is a much more meaningful way to show your love. Please see my charitable wish list, and please create your own.



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