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Support Catholic Charities

Support Catholic Charities

Please donate $2 or more to:
(1) help support Catholic charities and
(2) get a profile page to improve your online reputation

You want to support Catholic charities. You need to enhance your online reputation.

Now you can do both, at the same time. Your donation of just $2 (that is less than a cup of coffee) will:

  • help our nonprofit generate more funding to help support Catholic charities.
  • improve your online reputation with a profile page on this site.

It's easy!

  • Donate $2 (or more if you want to help more people through Catholic charities)
  • Grab the order number from the thank-you page or from the email receipt.
  • Go to to create your profile page
  • Enter that order number and your email address into the registration form so we know you contributed.
  • Create your profile page.
  • It will go live within a few business days, and we will notify you when it does.

Millions of people served by Catholic charities join us in thanking you! And you will look like a star whenever anyone googles you!