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Summer Leader

Girls In The Game

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Our Sports & Leadership Summer Camp provides an opportunity for girls to flex their leadership muscles and stay active over the summer! Girls learn over 20 different sports, interact with guests coaches, bond with their teammates, swim and go one field trips. Camp also includes free lunch and transportation. Over 90 percent of participants require a scholarship of some kind. Help create a summer to...

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Attending the weekly 90 minute yoga class helps to heal their body, mind and soul.

Empower a Girl for a Day

Girls in the Game

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Our After School programs creates a safe space for girls each week. With consistent coaches, girls practice both new and familiar sports like rugby, dance, lacrosse, soccer, basketball and more along with health and leadership topics vital to their well-being. A gift of just $10 sends her to a day of After School programming!

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$100 helps provide a toilet or water connection for 8 families in a developing country. Healthier children are able to attend school. Healthy adults are able to work and provide for their family. works with local finance institutions to offer affordable loans for water and sanitation, putting the tools to solve the water crisis in the hands of the people who need them.

Help expand exercise resources

Brian Grant Foundation

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Exercise is as essential as medication for people with Parkinson's. To date, exercise is the only therapy that has been shown to delay the mobility problems associated with Parkinson's. Your support can help us train anyone who works in the exercise field on how to safely and effectively work with people with Parkinson's.

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The 45 minute weekly session helps them express themselves and cope with trauma and also promote their development.

Spa Treatment


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A therapeutic atmosphere and one of calm that helps strengthen them.

Patient & Care Partner Wellness

Brian Grant Foundation

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With your support, we can provide a day of wellness to both a person with Parkinson's and their care partner. Together they will learn about the benefits of self care, including stress reductions techniques, exercises that can be done at home to manage symptoms and nutritional recommendations for Parkinson's. They will also have an opportunity to meet people who understand what they're going through.

Uncover the Truth

Human rights analysis

Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular price $75.00

Your donation will allow one of the Benetech Human Rights Program humanitarian statisticians or engineers to work for an hour towards discovering the truth about the violent pasts of nations around the world in a scientifically-defensible manner. Currently we are analyzing mass human rights violations in South America, Asia and Africa. Since 1991, staff of the Benetech Human Rights Program have lead the application of...

Toilet and Water Connections

Gives safe sanitation for 8 families

Regular price $100.00

$100 helps provide a toilet or water connection for 8 families in a developing country. Healthier children are able to attend school. Healthy adults are able to work and provide for their family. works with local finance institutions to offer affordable loans for water and sanitation, putting the tools to solve the water crisis in the hands of the people who need them.

Test Baby Teeth

1 tooth tested in lab

Radiation And Public Health Project Inc.

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RPHP sends baby teeth to a special laboratory. This is an easy way to discover how much radiation from nuclear reactors has entered human bodies. Your gift will cover lab costs to test 10 baby teeth.

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Provide health care

one year of care


Regular price $10.00

BRAC’s Community Health Promoters (CHPs) are the first point of contact between the community members and the public and private health provider’s network. Every month, a CHP visits 200 households—reaching roughly 1,000 individuals—and provides health education, free pregnancy and infant check-ups, and keeps a record of their clients’ health so they can be referred to a doctor as needed. Your $10 gift can support a...

Protect Pregnancy

Training for 10 OB/GYNs

Futures Without Violence

Regular price $150.00

Your donation will help thousands of pregnant women realize safe and healthy pregnancies by training ten OB/GYNs on how to better serve patients who are pregnant and their newborns. Through the FVPF’s advanced training programs OB/GYNs are trained on how to recognize signs of abuse and how to move pregnant victims in crisis to services for help. Your contribution will allow for greater education and...

Protect A Clinic

One day of an organizer

Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular price $50.00

The Feminist Majority Foundation’s National Clinic Access Project is the oldest and largest clinic defense program in the country, working to keep women’s health clinics open in the face of violence and intimidation, and to bring anti-abortion terrorists to justice. We work with some 587 independent women’s health clinics. FMF clinic defense organizers regularly provide assistance to local communities and clinics that have been singled...

Prepare For Work

Job readiness support

Building Opportunities For Self-Sufficiency

Regular price $200.00

This gift will provide support to help one homeless person build the skills needed to find living wage work. Assistance will be given as needed by the individual, and may include tuition for community college courses, enrollment in special training, study materials, transportation, or work materials or clothing. It may also include health or mental health services needed to help a disabled individual participate in...

Make House Calls

Bicycle for health worker

African Medical and Research Foundation

Regular price $50.00

Community Drug Distributors (CDD) are volunteers who have been trained to identify the symptoms of malaria and dispense the proper medication. They also educate the community at weddings, funerals and other gatherings about the proper use of malaria medication and insecticide treated nets. This way the community is empowered to fight malaria. Your gift will provide a bicycle for a CDD, enabling her to cover...

Kick Butts Day

School activity guides

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Regular price $20.00

Kick Butts Day is the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids' annual celebration of youth leadership and activism, when thousands of kids around the world will stand out, speak up and seize control in the fight against Big Tobacco. KBD educates kids about the dangers of tobacco, while giving youth the tools to take matters into their own hands and achieve real results in tobacco prevention, control...

Improve Maternal Care

Obstetric training

African Medical and Research Foundation

Regular price $100.00

AMREF trains nurses and midwives how to properly manage a woman in labor, how to prevent hemorrhage and infection, and how to recognize when she needs a caesarean section and must be taken to a hospital. They are also trained in proper care of newborns: how to cut and tie the umbilical cord, to warm the baby, and to encourage the mother to breastfeed immediately,...

Help Sick Women

One month of treatment

Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular price $105.00

The Feminist Majority Foundation runs the only Mifepristone Compassionate Use Program in the country. Our program serves as the only hope for many critically ill patients, mostly women, who have exhausted all standard therapies, including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Mifepristone is a life line for these women, and some men, some of whom have depended on this drug for over a decade. Since the program’s...