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ICRC COVID19 Global appeal

The International Committee Of The Red Cross

Regular price $0.00

Considering this unprecedented situation, the ICRC has integrated actions in our existing work to ensure that we can adequately respond to the pandemic and to help prevent its spread, while ensuring the continuity of our life-saving operations. The ICRC's response to COVID-19 is centered on four primary axes: strengthening support to fragile systems and infrastructure; protecting and assisting in situations of armed conflict and violence;...

Your contribution will help the hospital or nonprofit of your choice battle COVID-19 and help people who need assistance. We are waiving our customary platform fee so that your money can make the greatest impact.

Vaccinate Children

100 vaccinations

International Medical Corps

Regular price $100.00

When you help IMC vaccinate children against diseases like measles, tetanus, and meningitis, you enhance their chance for survival. You also reduce the likelihood of an epidemic, especially in crowded, unsanitary conditions such as refugee camps. Your gift could mean the difference between a child's early death or disability and a future of health and opportunity.

Treat Malaria

Women & children

International Medical Corps

Regular price $100.00

$100 Could treat as many as 100 children with malaria. Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) costs about $1 per treatment

Treat HIV

Home visits

Partners In Health

Regular price $100.00

$100 for an accompagnateur to visit an HIV patient daily in the home to administer life-saving antiretroviral therapy.

Treat Asthma

Vaporizer for a child

Associacao Saude Crianca Renascer

Regular price $50.00

Your donation will provide one vaporizer for a child with asthma.

Transport Patients

4 patients' travel

Partners In Health

Regular price $24.00

$24 will support transportation costs for 4 patients to reach a clinic for care.

Train Health Workers

Master class for 10

Peter C. Alderman Foundation

Regular price $100.00

When graduates of the Peter C. Alderman Master Class return to their home countries, they are responsible for training a minimum of 10 healthcare professionals, who in turn will train others. $100 dollars will support one monthly meeting of the International Society Chapter. These funds will cover the cost of bringing at least 10 caregivers to and from the meeting from rural areas throughout the...

Train Health Workers

Training for one

African Medical and Research Foundation

Regular price $75.00

AMREF trains thousands of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and community health workers (CORPs) every year. Your gift will train a CORP to recognize and treat common illnesses like diarrhea, respiratory infections, and malaria, which are the leading killers of children in Africa, and to know when they must be taken to a health facility for further treatment. CORPs also learn to educate their communities on...

Train a nurse

Maternal care progress

Family Care International

Regular price $100.00

This gift will train one health care worker to understand local cultures and provide better, more sensitive care — so that more women will use life-saving health services. An FCI project in Ecuador and Bolivia trains health providers to make the simple adjustments — allowing relatives to bring in warm drinks for women in labor (which tradition says will bring a healthy baby) or to...

Train A Doctor

One master class

Peter C. Alderman Foundation

Regular price $9,999.00

Your donation will finance the training of one doctor who will return to his/her country and treat his traumatized countrymen, who will train others to do the same and who will influence healh care policy.

Test and Counsel

HIV/AIDS services

African Medical and Research Foundation

Regular price $15.00

AMREF provides voluntary counseling and testing services to people who wish to know their HIV status. Those who are not infected learn how to protect themselves from the disease. Those who are found to be HIV positive are counseled to take the appropriate medication and avoid infecting their loved ones, and are helped to live positive and productive lives even though they have AIDS. Your...

Support Research

Health research

The Guttmacher Institute

Regular price $35.00

Your donation will help the Guttmacher Institute generate the new ideas needed to influence program development across the spectrum of reproductive health challenges. Be a part of the proactive agenda for sexual and reproductive health worldwide and partner with Guttmacher to: increase contraceptive choice and use; help teenagers delay sex, prevent pregnancy and avoid disease; prove that family planning is a sound investment; guarantee access...

Support Eye Clinics

Technician training

Help The World See

Regular price $34.00

Trained lab technicians make the entire vision care process come together in the optical laboratory, and play a key role in providing the gift of good sight for a poor person. Your gift of $34 pays for one hour of training for an optical lab techician to help ensure proper lenses for poor patients' eye wear.

Support Clinics

4 months of treatment

Peter C. Alderman Foundation

Regular price $7,500.00

Your gift will allow both the Siem Reap and Soutr Nikum Clinics to operate for four months. Together they serve a population of approximately 250,000 people and have 6,000 patients visits per year.

Support A Clinic

3 months of treatment

Peter C. Alderman Foundation

Regular price $9,999.00

Your gift will allow the clinic in Tororo, Uganda, to function for up to 3 months. The Tororo Mental Health Clinic delivers psychiatric and family counseling services to a significant portion of victims of terrorism and mass violence

Supply A Clinic

Vital medical supplies

Operation USA

Regular price $750.00

Your gift of $750 provides vital medical supplies, including antibiotics, bandages and anti-diarrhea medicine, to clinics in villages in Nicaragua, Cambodia and Vietnam. Operation USA has funded the building of community clinics and with your gift they can remain continually stocked with supplies so that health care workers can provide more effective patient care. Availability of basic medical supplies increases the chance of survival when...

Stock A Clinic

One month of supplies

International Aids Vaccine Initiative Inc

Regular price $71.00

Your gift will provide one month’s worth of latex gloves and band aids for one of our developing country sites. Supplies like this are necessary for these clinics to function and to do so at the highest standards of treatment and care. Access to healthcare in the developing world is often very limited. To date, over 14,000 people have received Voluntary Counseling & Testing (VCT)...

Shelter Therapy

A tree for Thomas

Peter C. Alderman Foundation

Regular price $250.00

Your gift will provide an alternate, private, pleasant space where Dr. Thomas can counsel and treat his troubled patients and their families.

Share the Wealth

Library resources

Global Health Council

Regular price $250.00

This gift will provide for a year’s subscription of Global HealthLink and Global AIDSLink, the Council’s flagship magazines, to a library in a developing country – where the resources are needed most. These two publications are invaluable in looking at trends, finding partnerships, keeping up to-date on the latest trends in global health. From research, to policy; advocacy to practice, these resources open the world...