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Save Abused Kids!

Support Bobbi Bear

Keep a Child Alive

Regular price $250.00

This gift will pay the salary and benefits of one highly trained child-safety officer at the Bobbi Bear Foundation for one month. Children who have been sexually abused have experienced horrors scarcely imaginable. The men and women who work with these children have to be rigorously trained so they know how to provide the proper care. Your donation gives them the salary to ensure that...

Save A Newborn

2 days of training

International Relief Teams

Regular price $80.00

Your gift will provide two days of intensive classroom and practical training for a doctor or nurse in a developing country to gain the skills they desperately need to save babies experiencing breathing or other cardio-pulmonary difficulties at birth.

Save a Life!

Infant incubator

Design that Matters Inc

Regular price $100.00

2,000,000 neonatal deaths can be prevented just by keeping an infant warm. Give the gift of life, and bring hope to new mothers, by supporting the development of DtM's low cost Infant Incubator.

Restore Sight

Cataract surgery

International Relief Teams

Regular price $60.00

International Relief Teams will send a team of physicians and nurses to provide surgery for people in remote areas who have no other way of obtaining this assistance. The team takes all of the medical equipment, instruments, medicines and supplies needed to perform surgery. Your donation of $60 will restore the eyesight of a person previously blinded by cataracts.

Rescue Abused Kids

Give Rescue Transport

Keep a Child Alive

Regular price $500.00

This gift will provide rescue transportation at Bobbi Bear clinic for 1 month. When a child is being abused, they need to be removed immediately from the abuser and taken to a hospital to be treated! Your donation gives Bobbi Bear the means to rescue child victims of sexual abuse, and bring them to better lives.

Repair A Roof

Roof for a family

Partners In Health

Regular price $200.00

$200 will provide repairs such as a tin roof to a house for a family of four.

Reach a village

Community organizing

Family Care International

Regular price $25.00

This gift will cover two weeks’ transportation costs, enabling FCI’s community organizers to reach dozens of isolated villages and empower women to claim the care they need. In West Africa, FCI’s community organizers go into villages, identify community leaders, and train them to mobilize villagers to ensure that every pregnant woman gets the obstetric care that can save her life. But rural roads are poor...

Provide Nurses

Partial monthly salary

Operation USA

Regular price $200.00

Your gift of $200 will help pay a portion of the average monthly salary for a qualified nurse working in a basic health clinic in a rural community in the developing world. Operation USA was founded on the principle that providing communities with access to adequate healthcare is the foundation of future sustainable development work. Entire communities benefit from a knowledgeable healthcare provider who gives...

Provide NICU Care

Nurse for one month

CURE International Inc

Regular price $200.00

This gift will sponsor a NICU nurse at CURE Kabul for one month, providing specialized criitical care to fragile newborn babies.

Provide Medicine

One month of treament

Associacao Saude Crianca Renascer

Regular price $70.00

Your donation will help extremely poor children to continue the treatment after they are released from the hospital. This gift will provide, on average, medicine for one child for one month.

Provide health care

one year of care


Regular price $10.00

BRAC’s Community Health Promoters (CHPs) are the first point of contact between the community members and the public and private health provider’s network. Every month, a CHP visits 200 households—reaching roughly 1,000 individuals—and provides health education, free pregnancy and infant check-ups, and keeps a record of their clients’ health so they can be referred to a doctor as needed. Your $10 gift can support a...

Provide Equipment

One stethoscope

International Aids Vaccine Initiative Inc

Regular price $30.00

Your gift will provide the money for a stethoscope for one of our developing country sites. Equipment like this is necessary for these clinics to function and to do so at the highest standards of treatment and care. Access to healthcare in the developing world is often very limited. To date, over 14,000 people have received Voluntary Counseling & Testing (VCT) services from IAVI. Your...

Provide Comfort

One child's mattress

Associacao Saude Crianca Renascer

Regular price $25.00

Your donation will be used to purchase a mattress for the family of a sick child.

Provide Care

One doctor visit

The Children's Health Fund

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will deliver medical care to a poor or homeless child. Children and families visit the Mobile Medical Units to receive care that would otherwise not be available, regardless of ability to pay. CHF's National Network of 21 Children’s Health Projects (CHP) provides comprehensive primary care to medically underserved children and their families across the country via mobile medical units (MMU), fixed-site clinics and...

Protect Families

15 mosquito bed nets

Partners In Health

Regular price $50.00

$50 will buy 15 mosquito bed nets to protect families against malaria.

Protect A Student

One malaria net

iEARN-International Education and Resource Network-USA

Regular price $15.00

Your $15 gift provides a mosquito net treated with natural repellent to one student in Botswana for protection against bites by mosquitos carrying the Malaria virus. Students at Gaborone Senior Secondary School in Gaborone, Botswana have embarked on a "Eradicate Malaria Project (" to mobilize young people worldwide to help them stamp out this deadly disease. Students have produced an educational packet to accompany each...

Promote Hygiene

Community education

WaterAid America

Regular price $50.00

Hygiene education/promotion encourages people to replace their unsafe hygiene practices with simple, safe alternatives. WaterAid and its partners use many ways to promote good hygiene practices and all are based upon the individual community's existing knowledge, beliefs and practices. Our approach to hygiene promotion recognizes that people do not change their behavior simply because they are told about health benefits. People are just as strongly...

Promote Hygiene

One hygiene packet

Amazon Promise

Regular price $5.00

This gift will provide a hygiene packet for a family of 5 that includes soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and oral rehydration salts.

Prevent Malaria

Bednets for a family

Plan International USA

Regular price $30.00

Your gift of netting is made locally and is enough to shelter a family of 5 children plus their parents for up to 5 years.

Prevent HIV/AIDS

Youth awareness club

International Aids Vaccine Initiative Inc

Regular price $70.00

Your donation will sponsor a youth to attend an AIDS awareness club for one month. The club includes around 25 youths who put on skits and plays, create music, and do formal presentations for the community. They educate others by using their personal experience about living positively and about the importance of getting tested for HIV. Spreading awareness about AIDS helps decrease the rate of...