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Emily Lee

I am a student at New York University



Please see my charitable wish list for my birthday and holidays.

I hope you create a charitable wish list or registry, too.



About Me

Some of my favorite hobbies are bowling, cooking, drawing and trying out different restaurants in the city.


What I am Doing for a Better World

My Favorite Causes

Mental Health


My Volunteering and Community Service

I am currently working at a non-profit called Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, in which I use direct food rescue methods to deliver leftover cuisine from restaurants and companies to nearby shelters. Working at RLC has shown me how dire poverty and hunger exists today.


My Charitable Wish List on Changing The Present

I love the idea of people donating instead of buying unwanted presents. It is a much more meaningful way to show your love. Please see my charitable wish list, and please create your own.