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DongWoo Jang

I am a student at Jeju National University



Please see my charitable wish list for my birthday (09/09/1995) and holidays.

I hope you create a charitable wish list or registry, too.



About Me

I live in Seoul, South Korea. I am senior in Jeju National University. For me, Jeju island was the land of the opportunity. And now i'm looking for the bigger chance in the wider world.


My Academics

I majored in Tourism Development.


My Extracurricular Activities

I worked by video technician in Jeju National University Broadcast system. Also shot and edit video as national press corps at Korea TV(KTV).


Honors and Awards

When i was sophomore, there was a contest about ODA. I won the first prize there, and now i'm interested in National Co-operation.


What I am Doing for a Better World

My Favorite Causes

Animal Rescue
Children and Youth
Civil Society


Regions and Countries I Care About

South Asia


My Charitable Wish List on Changing The Present

I love the idea of people donating instead of buying unwanted presents. It is a much more meaningful way to show your love. Please see my charitable wish list, and please create your own.



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