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Caroline Medea

I am a Licensed Therapist and a Professor at Harvard University

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About Me

I am the biggest animal-lover you have ever met! That includes my dog and cat (Taco and Tofu), my horse (Edgar Allan Pony), the hummingbirds outside my mom’s kitchen window, the wildlife I see when camping Yosemite, or the whales and elephants that I hope to see in person someday. This passion has shaped my studies, my weekend adventures, my philanthropy, and my career plans.

My Professional Life

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My Personal Life

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My Social Media Presence

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My Favorite Book(s)

Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson

My Favorite Podcast(s)

This American Life

My Favorite Quote

“The future will either be green or not at all.” — Bob Brown

What I am Doing for a Better World

My Thoughts on Making a Difference

Our generation is dedicated to making the world more just and sustainable, and I am inspired by the words and actions of so many good people. I am dedicated to doing my part, and maybe I can encourage others to do the same.

My Favorite Causes

Environment ・ Climate Change ・ Animal Welfare

My Favorite Nonprofits

The Sierra Club ・ ASPCA ・ World Wildlife Fund ・ ・ Save the Elephants

My Sustainable Lifestyle

I make an effort to live sustainably because every person’s choices make a difference in the fight against climate change. I am vegan, recycle, avoid single-use plastic, and bike whenever I can.

My Volunteering and Community Service

I volunteer weekly at the local garden to provide sustainable food to families in need. I also plant trees and remove invasive species bi-weekly for theWildlife Conservation Club. Each summer, I go abroad to work on wildlife conservation. We protect elephants and rhinos, and we care for those that cannot return to their native habitats. I am also a Community Engagement Intern for the Environment with Changing The Present.

My Charitable Wish Lists on Changing The Present--and Yours

I love the idea of people making meaningful donations instead of buying unneeded presents; it is a much more rewarding way for all of us to show our love. Here is my charitable wish list for a better world.

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