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Monitor coastal pollution

Coral Reef Alliance

Regular price $0.00

Understanding the water quality enables us to better address the source of water pollution and implement appropriate solutions to help corals thrive. This gift will provide funds for one month of water quality monitoring in sensitive marine areas.

Whale Adoption

Ocean Alliance

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Your gift of a whale adoption will enable Ocean Alliance to continue its important work protecting whales and their environment. At a time when the ocean is changing so rapidly, whales and the animals in them need more help than ever.

All In For the Planet!

1% For The Planet

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Your donation today supports our important work. We leverage every dollar you give to the 1% for the Planet organization to drive at least ten dollars to environmental nonprofits. Since 2002, more than $200 million has been generated to fuel the work of our environmental nonprofit partners. Your support helps to make the mission possible. Every year, philanthropy provides 1% for the Planet with the...

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This gift covers one day of fuel for a patrol boat for Roatan Marine Park in Honduras. Patrol boats are operated in partnership with the Honduran Navy and used to monitor protected areas. They confiscate illegal gear such as nets or spears used to catch turtles and arrest people who are involved with illegal development like mangrove cutting.

Wipe Out Graffiti

Paint, rollers kits

New York Cares Inc

Regular price $100.00

This kit contains three gallons of paint, two paint roller kits, and two extension poles so volunteers can put a fresh coat of paint on walls at parks, gardens, and other public spaces.

Train the Pros

Environmental seminar

The Environmental Law Institute

Regular price $100.00

With your donation, The Environmental Law Institute can host an educational seminar addressing an environmental topic of interest to attorneys and other professionals in the environmental field.

Train Educators

Climate workshop

Clean Air Cool Planet

Regular price $35.00

Your gift will help one teacher or science center educator get the resources they need to teach others about global warming by sponsoring their attendance at one of Clean Air Cool-Planet’s Climate Change Backpack trainings. These day-long forums offer educators an opportunity to learn about valuable climate teaching tools, ask questions, and network with their peers. Specifically, they focus on the Climate Change Backpack, recommended...

Test Water

4 water testing kits

Surfrider Foundation

Regular price $28.00

Determine the source of polluted water! Typically, a storm drain carries polluted street run-off from multiple sources. Occasionally though, it may be connected to a toilet or septic tank from a beach house,or perhaps an industrial waste discharge outfall. It is critical to determine the upstream source of any pipe that empties at your beach. This will help you figure out how to reduce or...

Support Your Favorite Environmental Nonprofit

Support Any Favorite Nonprofit, School, or Teacher

Your contribution will support the important work of your favorite Environmental Nonprofit and help make the world a better place.    

Stop Global Warming

SUV Offset

Carbonfund. org Foundation

Regular price $91.00

Your donation reduces 20,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions to neutralize the impact of a year's worth of driving an SUV. Carbonfund.org will support renewable energy, such as wind and solar; energy efficiency and reforestation projects that offset these carbon dioxide emissions. Our climate-friendly projects are in the United States, India, Nicaragua, Brazil, China and other parts of the world. By supporting the reduction of...

Stop Global Warming

Efficient Car Offset

Carbonfund. org Foundation

Regular price $36.00

Your donation will offset over 8,000 pounds of carbon dioxide produced from an efficient car and will be an important step in the fight against global warming. Carbonfund.org will support renewable energy, such as wind and solar; energy efficiency and reforestation projects that offset these carbon dioxide emissions. Our climate-friendly projects are in the United States, India, Nicaragua, Brazil, China and other parts of the...

Stop Erosion

Netting, stakes, hay

New York Cares Inc

Regular price $500.00

This kit contains items needed to stop erosion at one small park: erosion jute netting, ground staples, hardwood tree stakes, grass seed, and hay.

Spread the Word

One research report

The Environmental Law Institute

Regular price $25.00

A $25 gift covers the cost of sending an electronic copy of an ELI research report, spreading knowledge to environmental citizens around the world.

Spread the Message

One climate scholarship

The Climate Group

Regular price $500.00

The Climate Academy is a unique effort to educate the business community in an intensive set of workshops through a partnership facilitated by The Climate Group at Duke and Cambridge Universities. Science, policy and energy experts walk business leaders through the four day workshops, providing each business leader the knowledge and best-practice examples that can be utilised to address climate change. This specific gift is...

Sponsor a student

Send him/her to SC3

Green Schools Alliance

Regular price $50.00

This gift will sponsor a young environmental activist of modest means to attend an unforgettable week-long training at the nation's premier environmental training facility. It will provide them the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to become global leaders in their own communities. The cost to underwrite a student is $500 for the 5-day program including meals and lodging at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service...

Situate a Shrub

Shovel, gloves, shrub

New York Cares Inc

Regular price $50.00

Provide all the tools a volunteer needs to plant one shrub: a shovel, a pair of gardening gloves, a shrub, and a trowel.

Shelter A Researcher

One expedition tent

The School for Field Studies

Regular price $150.00

SFS uses highly durable field expedition tents whenever possible, but this equipment wears out quickly due to rugged conditions and plenty of use. When away from our field stations on overnight research expeditions, these tents provide shelter for anywhere from 20 to 35 students and faculty after a day of tagging turtles, conducting wildlife counts, trekking to island cays, or monitoring water quality in a...

Share Expertise

One science conference

Clean Air Cool Planet

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will sponsor four educators’ attendance at one of CA-CP’s “Meet the Scientists" events, organized through the Northeast Science Center Collaborative. You can help bring world-class climate scientists and expert science educators together at one of these day-long professional development forums - which include interactive lectures on specific climate change topics, opportunities to visit lab or field sites, time to ask questions and opportunities...

Save Energy

Dialogue with utilities

Rocky Mountain Institute

Regular price $30.00

Your gift will help RMI convince utilities of its view that investments in energy efficiency, combined with a distributed power system that places smaller, modular electrical resources across the grid close to the loads they serve, will lower electrical bills, lower emissions, and provide secure, reliable power that would be impossible to disrupt by design or accident. While the policy debates will occur in Washington,...

Save and Protect!

Wildlife Conservation

San Diego Zoo

Regular price $50.00

Enrichment includes the introduction of objects, sounds, smells or other stimuli in the animal’s environment at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. With your gift, we can buy toys and supplies to enrich the lives of our critters.