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Our Prestigious Nonprofit Offers Virtual / Remote Internships

from 4 to 40 flexible hours per week 


Current Students: Community Engagement Internships; just 4 hours per week

Current Students: CPT Internships; flexible hours

OPT Internships - stop the unemployment clock; 21 hours per week







Community Engagement Interns

Just 4 hours per week to enhance your resume with an American work credential

Are you an Indian student studying in the United States and looking forward to a rewarding career? As you may know, most American employers focus on experience in the U.S., and they pay less (if any) attention to work in your home country.

You can enhance your resume with a record of professional accomplishment and service by working just four hours per week (virtually, and on your own schedule) at our prestigious American nonprofit. You will help raise awareness of Changing The Present at your university, make a positive impact in the world, and gain an American work credential, which will help your job search.




CPT Internships 

Gain experience and enhance your resume withh our flexible, virtual internships

Work in Web Development, Analytics, Project / Engineering Management, Human Resources, and Marketing, or most other fields. School year or summer. Choose your own flexible hours.




OPT Internships

Stop the OPT unemployment clock and enhance your resume, as you make the world a better place

Are you a recent Indian graduate of an American university and looking for your dream job? Our prestigigous nonprofit offers

virtual, unpaid internships (just 21 hours per week on your own schedule), which let you:

    • stop the OPT unemployment clock (being forced to leave the USA if you do not secure and start a job within 90 days would be a disaster, and unemployed days during your first-year are deducted from your available unemployment days during your STEM extension)
    • gain new skills
    • enhance your resume with an American work credential, which is important to employers who generally focus on experience in the U.S. and pay less (if any) attention to work in your home country.

We have opportunities in countless fields, including Web Development, Data Analytics, Project / Engineering Management, Human Resources, Engineering, and Marketing.

Our interns rave about the great experience here

We believe that we are the nonprofit with the largest number of international interns. We have had interns from more than 80 countries, including hundreds from India. Here are just a few of the wonderful people who have joined us. See the reviews that they and others wrote about working with us.

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This prestigious nonprofit offers internships that enhance your resume and accelerate your career. The New York Times called Changing The Present, "an of the nonprofit world." See the many virtual opportunities for current students, CPT, and OPT. Work remotely from 4 to 40 hours per week. Please learn more here.

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