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More and more people are delighting friends and loved ones with the most meaningful presents: charitable contributions given in their name. A beautiful personalized greeting card makes it truly memorable.


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Let friends and loved ones know that you would welcome a donation in your name to make a difference, instead of yet more "stuff." It just takes a minute to create a Wish List or Registry.



Start A Business

A new beauty salon

Fundefir: Foundation for Rural Finance

Regular price $10.00

Your gift will help Fundefir teach a woman to open a beauty salon. Many women have the necessary skills to work in a beauty salon (such as knowing how to cut, style, and dry hair, as well as give manicures and pedicures), but lack the business know-how to open their own. With your gift, Fundefir will teach a woman to open her own salon, allowing...

Start a Fruit Stand

Microfinance a woman's fruit stand

Grameen Foundation USA

Regular price $95.00

Your gift will provide a loan for one woman to start a fruit stand at her local market, giving her a way to break through poverty, gain self-confidence and expand job opportunities in her community. Microfinance is one of the most powerful solutions to poverty in existence today. It attacks poverty at its roots and allows a poor person to gain a foothold against day-to-day...

Support A Bank

Business start-up loan

Opportunity International

Regular price $100.00

Like all Opportunity banks, Opportunity International Bank Rwanda will be expected to reach a triple bottom line of scale, sustainability, and transformation. In pursuing these goals, it will build on the experience of neighboring Opportunity International banks in reaching large numbers of micro and small entrepreneurs with loans, savings, basic business training and HIV/AIDS education. The new start-up has potential to serve 50,000 families annually...

Support A Microloan

Microloan for a chick

Calvert Social Investment Foundation

Regular price $20.00

Your gift helps a microentrepreneur purchase livestock to expand her farm. These funds can the be used for her children's education, to feed the family, repair a home or grow her small business. Your gift is one of hope and opportunity!

Support Development

25 chickens & rooster

Operation USA

Regular price $50.00

Giving a loan (often called “microcredit") for families to launch small enterprises has proven to be a successful strategy in earning income. A loan to purchase and raise animals, such as cows, rabbits, sheep, chickens and roosters is the perfect gift for someone who cares deeply about providing opportunity and empowering a family to lift itself out of poverty. Your $50 donation will enable Operation...

Support Farmers

Seed capital for one

The Marshall Legacy Institute

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will provide the seed capital necessary for a poor farmer in Nicaragua to take the first steps out of poverty by starting a microenterprise.

Support Microcredit

Funds for West Africa


Regular price $50.00

Your support will help us to provide a community with a small grant, often used to establish a rotating microcredit fund, which helps community members, particularly women, with the investment they need to start small businesses, invest in agriculture, or take on other income-generating activities. The Community Management Committee (CMC) will operate the microcredit fund based on a group-lending, revolving-funds system, working together to set...

Support Microcredit

Effectiveness research

Microcredit Summit Campaign

Regular price $50.00

Your donation enables researchers to obtain credible evidence that these microcredit borrowers are leaving the miseries of extreme poverty. The Microcredit Summit Campaign is working with the largest microfinance institutions in the world, with millions of clients each, to measure the progress of their clients as they work their way out of poverty. When the Microcredit Summit Campaign reaches its goal of assuring that 100...

Teach A Child

5 years of school

Grameen Foundation USA

Regular price $1,200.00

Your gift will allow the Grameen Foundation Educational Scholarship Program to cover the public school fees for five years of a borrower's child. Microfinance is one of the most powerful solutions to poverty in existence today. It attacks poverty at its roots and allows a poor person to gain a foothold against day-to-day impoverishment. Microfinance – small loans complemented by savings, insurance and other services...

Tortilla press

Give a small loan

Pro Mujer

Regular price $250.00

A $250 loan could allow a client to buy a commercial tortilla press to launch a business selling tortillas. Items such as the tortilla press allow women to work faster and produce more. This initial investment enables women earn more in less time. Women then spend more money on the health, eduation and quality of life for themselves and their children. Greater efficiency and greater...

Track A Revolution

Microcredit research

Microcredit Summit Campaign

Regular price $28.00

Your donation will fund the research team that annually collects, verifies and publishes the most comprehensive count of microfinance clients in the world. The report profiles the institutions that are providing a hand up and not a hand out to the world’s poorest people. This is the only data of its kind and is used by UN agencies and other global institutions. Over the nine...

Tsunami recovery

Support MFI programs

Grameen Foundation USA

Regular price $4,500.00

Your gift helps us strengthen local programs, such as those in Indonesia. To help survivors there rebuild their lives after the tsunami, Grameen Foundation has provided support and funding to two local microfinance institutions. The MFIs have grown and are currently helping 6,700 families regain hope for their futures. GF has also worked with the local government and other non-profit organizations to make sure our...

Women Entrepreneurs

Loans for women

Village Exchange International Inc

Regular price $100.00

This gift will provide a capital loan which will be used to support a business run by a group of women or an individual woman. The loan will be linked with classes to support the business including account keeping, savings mechanisms, etc. In addition, the beneficiaries of the loan will be linked to the reproductive and sexual health services implemented by VEI. All loan reimbursement...