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More and more people are delighting friends and loved ones with the most meaningful presents: charitable contributions given in their name. A beautiful personalized greeting card makes it truly memorable.


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Adopt A Lynx

Wildlife protection

National Wildlife Federation

Regular price $30.00

Please help us STOP THIS ATTACK on America’s magnificent wildlife! \ Your $30 symbolic lynx adoption will help NWF: Fight to prevent the Endangered Species Act from being gutted. Conserve the few remaining big cat habitats in the U.S. Publicize the plight of the lynx and other imperiled wildlife. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for the Canada lynx and other imperiled wildlife teetering...

Adopt A Penguin

Alternative fuels

Defenders of Wildlife

Regular price $50.00

Your gift to Adopt A Penguin will enable Defenders of Wildlife to work with automakers and members of Congress to raise the standard fuel efficiency of cars and trucks. The burning of fossil fuels is the single most human-related cause of rising temperatures around the globe. In addition, your gift will help Defenders work to promote increased reliance on alternative fuels such as wind and...

Adopt a rainforest

Save 1 rainforest acre

World Land Trust-US

Regular price $100.00

WLT-US buys real acres in real places and protects them forever. By targeting the highest priority areas and taking these areas off the market for destruction, we can save countless species and critical habitats that are often protected nowhere else. We are highly efficient and able to purchase and protect private lands with rainforest for $100 an acre or less. We focus actions on key...

Adopt A Sea Otter

Prevent oil drilling

Defenders of Wildlife

Regular price $25.00

Your gift will help Defenders of Wildlife work to educate people about the need to protect sea otters, as well as help local communities and the fishing industry live in harmony with these adorable little animals. You will also enable us to continue our efforts to keep Big Oil companies from evicting sea otters from the only area they have left. Your gift to Adopt...

Regular price $20.00

We must have everyone’s support to stop Congress from handing the home of snowy owls and other wildlife over to Big Oil, which will only result in a savings of a penny at the gas pump…and that’s in 20 years! Your gift to Adopt A Snowy Owl will help Defenders save snowy owls and other imperiled wildlife.

Adopt a Vet

Save Africa's Primates

Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Regular price $250.00

Your gift of $250 will help supply sanctuary veterinarians with essential equipment and medicines as they work to save the lives of orphan chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos across Africa. Your support will enable PASA to source much-needed diagnostic equipment, surgical materials and pharmaceutical supplies critical both to the survival of rescued individuals and to the ultimate survival of their species.

Adopt A Wolf

Help endangered wolves

Defenders of Wildlife

Regular price $40.00

Defenders of Wildlife depends on the support of caring people like you to help us pressure the Department of Interior to ensure maximum protection for wolves in the lower 48 states and end the horrific practice of aerial gunning in Alaska. Defenders also operates the wildly successful Wolf Compensation Trust, which reimburses ranchers at fair market value for verified losses of livestock to wolves. This...

Regular price $50.00

Mighty lions … graceful sea turtles … magnificent jaguars … poison-dart frogs … red-cockaded woodpeckers … gopher tortoises … a dizzying array of plants and wildlife … when you Adopt an Acre, you are helping to protect the lands and waters these wondrous creatures need to survive – including us!

Adopt An Activist

Support campaign staff

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will support a highly qualified and experienced campaigner working on human rights, social justice or the eradication of poverty. By supporting our campaigners to research these complex problems, develop campaigns and actively advocate on these key issues, you'll be making a difference around the world. Our campaigns focus on two areas: 1) securing the freedom of association, assembly and expression for individuals and...

This gift will provide three days worth of bananas for the chimpanzees at Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center. All fruit is purchased from local villages, creating an economy where none had existed before. Orphaned chimpanzees at Sanaga-Yong Center require life-long care and protection. Your gift will make a real difference.

Adopt An Intern

One climate intern

The Climate Group

Regular price $200.00

When you Adopt An Intern, you provide a scholarship to support one intern for The Climate Group. This support is invaluable to The Climate Group, providing the staffing needed to support research, administration, website support and more day to day activities. Internships at The Climate Group involve hands-on experience in the non-profit world, allowing students to get involved in tackling climate change and providing insight...

Adopt this Charity

Support RPHP this year

Radiation And Public Health Project Inc.

Regular price $5,000.00

This gift will provide support for the daily activities of RPHP, both in research and outreach. It is important to study in-body radiation, and spread the word about the dangers of radioactive toxins and their affects on our children.

Advance Science

Computer for a lab

International Aids Vaccine Initiative Inc

Regular price $1,000.00

Your gift will provide a computer for one of our nine field sites across East and Southern Africa. AIDS vaccine clinical studies are very complex and data intensive, so local scientists need access to high-tech computers. Your support will ensure that these local researchers have all the tools they need in their search for an AIDS vaccine. AIDS vaccine research requires complicated technology. Your gift...

Advocate for Health

One hour of advocacy

Global Health Council

Regular price $76.00

The Global Health Council, for many years, creates a bridge between Congress and global health programs to make sure that our legislators know what is needed to improve the lives of the world’s poor. The Global Health Council, working with its members, serves as a strong voice for civil society in Washington. The overall goal of the Council's advocacy efforts is to improve the health...

Advocate Globally

Grants and training

Population Action International

Regular price $100.00

For $100, you can support PAI's advocacy grants program. This program provides small but powerful seed grants and training opportunities to organizations in developing countries, building their advocacy capacity so that they can effectively fight for strong family planning and reproductive health policies in their countries, as well as at the regional and international levels.

Affordable Transit

Help for Poor Seniors

Building Opportunities For Self-Sufficiency

Regular price $20.00

This gift will provide transportation assistance to homeless seniors so they can get around in the community and meet daily health and household needs, connect with family and friends, and maintain a high quality of life. Assistance provided may include discount senior bus passes, train, commuter rail or BART fare, or taxi vouchers. This gift will help very low income seniors maintain a high level...

AFG Rock The Vote!!

Give the power to vote

Alternatives for Girls

Regular price $50.00

Your gift of $50 will help us to hold our Voter Registration Drive at AFG on August 8th from 11am - 3pm. We are not promoting one party or another; we are just educating our community on the importance of voting and providing them the opportunity to register that day. We are working hard to publicize this event not only to our AFG participants but...

African Technology

Greatest Needs

IDE-International Development Enterprises

Regular price $5.00

Your gift will allow IDE to respond to the urgent needs of our communities, allowing us to have the greatest impact on the greatest number of people. Your gift will be used to develop affordable farming technologies such as treadle pumps, drip irrigation systems or improved well drilling techniques. IDE will put your money to work where it will have the greatest influence on rural...

Aid A Fellow

4 hours of legal support

Ashoka: Innovators for the Public

Regular price $25.00

The ASE network mobilizes law firms and public interest lawyers to support the hundreds of Ashoka Fellows around the globe and eventually the broader networks of social entrepreneurs by providing them access to legal professionals who can help them navigate the legal environment to enhance institution building, policy change, and support human rights through domestic and international pro bono legal assistance. To date ASE has...

Aid An Entrepreneur

Marketing services


Regular price $25.00

Your $25 gift will provide professional consulting services to one entrepreneur. The project will assist entreprenuers in developing: market analysis of opportunities; marketing strategy; marketing materials; and revised/redesigned packaging. The project will create the following sustainable results within 1 year: $10,000 increase in client sales; $2,000 increase in profits; $1,000 increased purchases from suppliers; and 50 small producers with increased sales.